“Peggy has served as our account management liaison for several production projects, including national commercial campaigns for several companies including MTV, KIA Motors, Minute-Rice and long-term network television series runs for mun2, VH1 as well as short term in-house production projects.

The bookkeeping, day-to-day accounting and cost reporting needs have been vital to our success both for our company and the image we present to our clients, which could have never been accomplished without the production know-how, accounting expertise and attention to detail Ms. Yen provides to us. On top of production needs, Peggy also formulates a successful business plan to keep track of all company costs and tax-related needs for a clean tax-reporting year.

Financial work flow is at the heart of every successful business, and for us has been because of Ms. Yen and her firm. We consider her part of our family here at Blank Paige and would highly recommend her services to bring excellence to your table of business and production needs.”

Executive Producer