PYE MGMT Inc services all facets of the entertainment industry from motion picture and television to concert tours and live events, from micro budgets to studio pictures.

By applying our expertise in corporate accounting practices, PYE MGMT Inc has been able to elevate production accounting and revolutionize the industry to bring it within multiple government tax incentive and IRS compliance.

Our entertainment production accounting experience ranges from low-budget indie films and TV series to big budget major studio films and network shows. Whatever your budget or film tier, PYE MGMT Inc will provide you the best in Key Production Accountants, 1st & 2nd Accountants, Payroll Masters and Accounting Clerks from our deep bench of talent. Several members of our team are union qualified and can fulfill union-mandated roles within the production.

PYE MGMT Inc offers 360 degrees of coverage from budget development to prep, principal photography, wrap and post. You can also contract PYE MGMT Inc for any portion of your production accounting needs.

Tech-Savvy Modern Accounting

PYE MGMT Inc is a modern accounting house that handles all paperwork digitally through proprietary processes to ease accounting procedures and provide 100% transparency for Producers and their investors. We work remotely and do not have to be on-set so you can save on your budget and receive your cost reports, general ledgers, checks, etc. in a timely manner. At the end of our service, you will receive a link to a server with all submitted accounting paperwork for your records or in the event of a future tax audit.

Union and Non-Union

PYE MGMT Inc is an expert in both union and non-union production accounting. We have helped several productions which have been flipped from non-union to union apply retroactive accounting processes to bring the production into union compliance. Due to our relationship with entertainment unions including IATSE, Teamsters, SAG, DGA, WGA, etc., we can provide financial guidance as you navigate terms, wage rates, contracts and deal memos.

Tax Incentives

PYE MGMT Inc has provided tax incentive compliant accounting for several countries, cities and states including: Italy, Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah), Ohio, Louisiana (Baton Rouge and New Orleans), Washington (Seattle), New York (New York City and Upstate), New Mexico, Los Angeles, and North Carolina among others.

Forensic Accounting

We provide post accounting and forensic accounting services if you need your books organized for your investors, bond companies or country/state/city tax incentive organizations. We can also align your books with your foreign production accountant/accounting firms to bring them up to US regulations in post. We have worked with several individual investors and private equity groups as well as bond companies.

Production Accounting Services


  • Choosing the right accounting software. PYE MGMT Inc is an expert in, and has relationships with, several different accounting software platforms such as QuickBooks, EP Budgeting, Movie Magic, Global Vista, Ease, Mydaes/PES Payroll, Indiepay/Indieware, MediaWeb/Media Win, Cast & Crew/PSL, CAPS, Datafaction, Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains, PeachTree, Creative Solutions Accounting, POS systems, Aloha/Micros and others.
  • Budget development
  • Setting up union and non-union payroll solutions
  • Coordinating union and non-union relations
  • Preparing cash flow
  • Setting up Production bank accounts
  • Setting up P-cards

Principal Photography

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Cash flow forecasting, analysis and management
  • Weekly cost report and general ledger deliveries
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Processing all accounts payables/receivables, purchase orders, petty cash, p-cards, funding and other journal entries
  • Hot costing
  • Accounting for tax incentivized shoots
  • 1099 set-up and end-of-year tax prep


  • Preparing final cost reports and general ledgers for producers and investors
  • Reconciling all outstanding Trial Balance entries including deposits, escrows, VATs, loss & damages, etc.
  • Submitting accounting books for tax incentivized productions
  • Reviewing and coordinating all union, guild, health & pension, insurance and tax audits
  • Coordinating return of payroll and union deposits
  • 1099 issuances